Artwork of Robert Barthelmes
Winter on Penelope PondClosing Time at Bruno's StorePark Street SchoolEnd of the Day at the Pearl FactoryPaperboy in FinktownSummer on Penelope PondWading in McGregory BrookCarnival Workers BathingCold Soda at Joe's StoreBaseball at the Villa LorettoThe Killing of The SnakesThe Park Street FlatsCarnival at Penelope ParkThe Hut in the Crompond WoodsA Christmas Pie from Frenchy'sGoing to the CarnivalHide and SeekVerderosa's StoreSkating on Penelope Pond
Being raised in the old Finktown section of Peekskill during the 1940’s and 50’s gave me rich memories, which are the inspiration for this series. Finktown received its colorful name during the 19th century when Peekskill was a bustling foundry town.

All the scenes were painted from memory and in each scene I have tried to bring to life a time and place and way of living that America has left behind. The paintings are my vivid recollections of a charmingly simple neighborhood of large working-class families nestled in a narrow valley with the evanescent spirit of a time past.